StarCam Pro Server Activation

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  • delivery Time: 1-60 Minutes (working hours)
  • we are not responsible If the server stops working before the expiration date


  • The supplier remains solely responsible for the content of his packages and the availability of the channels included in his offer.
  • Some channels or bouquets may be temporarily unavailable, this is totally beyond our control
  • No guarantee on the availability of services or packages during the subscription.
  • Sometimes, in the last update, the code may not work, so you should install the old update for April 2022. After activation, the channels will work except the French chanels,so now do the last update and you will get all the channels to work.

StarCam Pro Server works on any satellite decoder has a StarCam Pro service installed inside

List of Some Satellite receiver decoder:
(Starsat, Geant, Bware, Magnum, Pinnacle, YTiger, Qmax, Tiger, Vizyon, Class, TigerStar, T-Link, SKYSAT, GiGaBlue, Next Ye, StarMax, Megasat, truman, JYNXBOX, ………….)

Satellite decoder connected to the internet and a StarCam Pro server inside.

How to order:

  1. Make sure receiver system is up to data
  2. After purchase, you will get an activation code.
  3. From Decoder settings, Go to StarCam Pro server or StarCam Pro activation.
  4. Enter the activation code then hit confirm.
  5. Congratulation, you have a 365 days.

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