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FIFA Mobile brings the thrill of the renowned football gaming experience, FIFA, straight to your mobile device. Developed by EA Sports as a straight port of their flagship FIFA games, FIFA Mobile offers an accurate simulation of real football, along with all of its thrilling in-match developments, allowing you to build and manage your own teams to compete in matches at some of the world’s most prestigious stadiums.

FIFA Mobile offers a variety of game modes for you to enjoy, such as League Mode, Head to Head mode, Vs Attack, and Event modes, all with their unique spins on the core, engaging gameplay of FIFA, as well as game modes that no FIFA fan would be a stranger to. These include Manager Mode, FIFA World Cup mode, and Ultimate Team. Each of these modes test your skills in gaming as well as team management, offering both new players and seasoned veterans a variety of challenges to overcome to compete at the highest level.

These game modes are presented in iconic FIFA gameplay fashion, with real-time football gameplay that faithfully recreates the FIFA experience from the PC and console releases, with all of its strategies, intricacies, and of course, the thrilling moments when you score a goal. Throughout its releases, from FIFA 19 Mobile to the latest FIFA 22 Mobile and FIFA 23 Mobile releases, FIFA Mobile never fails to bring the highlights of FIFA to your handheld phone.

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