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4 months ago

Do you want to increase orders or promote your idea in a professional way and increase your sales?

Would you like new customers for your business or project?

Semazad provides you with funded advertising services in a thoughtful and professional way through experts in the field of advertising, advertising and e-marketing.

Enjoy the freedom to choose the duration of the advertisement, the target wilayas (58), the target group and the price.

We are distinguished by providing important marketing advice and advice to ensure accurate results and higher yields.

 Notes that apply to all ads/budgets:

  • a day = 24 hours starting from the start of the advertisement.
  • The possibility of choosing a specific area or the entire national territory.
  • The possibility of choosing gender, age, and target audience interests.

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Shop Location الضلعة 04008, Oum el Bouaghi - أم البواقي, Algeria - الجزائر

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